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The following are sites of the Web that have to do with Norwegian culture and heritage. If you know of any others you would like to see added, please e-mail the webmaster with your suggestions.

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General Norwegian Interest
Established by the Norwegian governments as a web portal for most vital information regarding Norway.

Norwaves presents information about Norway in many languages.
The official site for Norway in the United States, provided by Royal Norwegian embassies in New York
InfoNorway is a collection of links to web pages with English language information about Norway. The purpose is to people interested in Norway to find relevant information about Norway quickly.
The official web site of the NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

State of the Environment Norway
State of the Environment Norway aims to provide you with the latest information about the state and development of the environment. The service presents environmental topics in a simple and easy-to-follow way and provides access to more detailed scientific presentations.

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum
Vesterheim is a museum and cultural center dedicated to preserving living traditions by offering classes in Norwegian folk art and culture, Elderhostels, and special programs for pre-school, elementary, secondary, and college students. Vesterheim also hosts events, lectures, and special exhibitions scheduled throughout the year.


A news site, a blog, a medium for sharing the top stories being reported by Norwegian news media, and stories that may be of special interest to a foreign audience.

For those of you who prefer your daily news på Norsk, and a little less official!
Information from the Norwegian government and its ministries.

The Norway Post
A taste of Norway, in English, with an emphasis on news highlights.

The largest collection of family history records on the web. is a for-profit website that helps people trace their family trees. They have compiled a database of over one billion fully searchable records and historical documents—and are constantly adding new collections. There is a charge for using this site; however they do offer a 7-day free trial.

Ellis Island Immigrant Museum
Passenger searches, family scrapbooks and information on the immigrant experience.
Fylkesarkivet provides you with comprehensive and important sources to the local history of Sogn og Fjordane. This site organizes and makes available many governmental archive series which are kept in national archives. These include the oldest church registers, population censuses, census registrations, shift register, register of mortgages and land registers.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are the collective memory of the ELCA church wide organization, including records of predecessor church bodies, inter-Lutheran organizations, and certain records relating to ELCA synods and their predecessors.

Family Search
The Family History Library Catalog describes more than 3 million microfilms, microfiche, books, and other items available at the Family History Library and through your local family history center.

Genealogy for the Slekt area in Troms, Norway
This website offers, among other things, good census and genealogical data for the Slekt area in Troms, Norway is a part of the family of websites; it contains a number of useful lists of genealogy research sites and databases. (The Norwegian Genealogical Society) is Norway's oldest national association for genealogists. The main purpose of the society is to publish articles and other literature to increase the knowledge of family history and genealogy in Norway. This site does have a short overview in English, but the majority of the site is in Norwegian so having an understanding of the Norwegian language is helpful.

How to Trace your Ancestors in Norway
The information gathered here can help you trace your Norwegian ancestors. You may also find it useful if you want to know how to track down relatives who are still living in Norway.

Immigration History Research Center
An international resource, sponsored by the University of Minnesota, on American immigration and ethnic history.
According to Martin, this is an "edutainment site". It includes recipes, various articles relating to genealogy, Norwegian music, a Norwegian/English dictionary, stories about genealogical research and links to other genealogy websites.

Norway Heritage
Find information about passenger lists, emigrant ships and what transatlantic steamship companies the different Norwegian emigration agents represented and in what way the agent was authorized to convey the emigrants.

Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesråd
"Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad" (NABF), is the national council for the thirty-two affiliated Norwegian-American Bygdelag. Bygdelag are organizations comprised of descendants of emigrants from Norway to North America. Every "Lag" seeks to preserve and strengthen bonds with its home district or community-of-origin in Norway.

Norwegian American Historical Association
The Norwegian-American Historical Association was organized October 6, 1925, by a group of far-sighted Norwegian Americans who sought to establish a national center for the collection and preservation of historical material.

Norwegian Emigration Center in Stavanger
The Norwegian Emigration Center is part of an international network of research and genealogy centers and can therefore offer a range of activities to all people of Norwegian descent interested in emigration history and genealogy.

Norwegian Historical Data Centre, U. of Tromsø
The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) is a national institution under the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Tromsø (UiTø). The aim is to computerize the Norwegian censuses 1865 onwards together with the parish registers and other sources from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Norwegian National Archives
This site contains applications, decisions, court sentences, surveys and accounts. In addition, there are census and church records. The material is organized according to the office of responsibility not by topic.

The Promise of America
The Promise of America makes available various resources about Norwegian emigration to America and Norwegian-American culture and history. It includes a selection of books, book excerpts, entire articles, America letters, photographs and prints, film clips and excerpts from radio and television broadcasts. In addition, there are links to valuable sites on the Internet related to Norwegian Americans and genealogical research.
This Norway Genealogy website was first created in June 1997 to assist those who are researching their ancestors from Norway.

Thor M. Anderson data base
Maintained at the University of Oslo, this is an on-line bibliography of documents printed between 1825 and 1930, concerning Norwegian emigrants to the US and Canada.

Trønderlag of America
The Trønderlag of America is a bygdelag for emigrants and their descendants from the Trøndelag region of Norway.

Valdres Samband

The Valdres Samband is an organization of descendants of immigrants to the U.S. and Canada from the Valdres Valley of Oppland County,  Norway and those interested in its history and culture.

Norwegian American Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library
The Norwegian American Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library is an educational non-profit research center with national and international scope. The NAGC & NL collects, preserves, shares, and interprets resources for the study of Norwegian heritage. Through its collections, research, outreach, and publications, it strives to maintain and enhance its role as the most comprehensive source for information about the history of Norwegian immigration.

World GenWeb Project
The WorldGenWeb Project is a non-profit, volunteer based organization dedicated to providing genealogical and historical records and resources for world-wide access!

Regions of Norway

Northern Norway (Nord-Norge/Nord-Noreg)

Northern Norway
Northern Norway is known for wildlife safaris, midnight sun and northern lights. This part of the country is home to the Sami, Norway’s aborigines.

The official guide to Finnmark. This is a wild and wonderful area of Norway. The countryside is diverse and magnificent, varying from precipitous and rugged coastal landscapes to peaceful, mountain plains that unfold for miles on end.

The official guide to Troms. The Midnight Sun shines for two months in summer, while in winter Troms can lay claim to some of the world’s highest Northern Lights frequencies. Breathtaking scenery featuring mountains, fjords and islands provides a surprise around every corner. A multi-ethnic population has a rich heritage, an inviting culture and a great future.

The official guide to Nordland. This area of Norway is a continual meeting of sea and land. You will be inspired by the blue-black mountains, decorated in many places with patches of snow, even in summer. Contrasting beautifully with green hillsides, the mountains rise above the crystal clear, azure ocean and create a dramatic setting for the vital fishing hamlets.

Central Norway

Central Norway
Central Norway is known as Trøndelag, an area of history and heritage, salmon rivers and friendly people.

Trøndelag is famous for many things, but its countryside and all of the wonderful cultural events that happen in this area are probably the most well known.

Western Norway (Vestlandet)

Western Norway
The western part of Norway is called Fjord Norway – with good reason. The many fjords mean that the region is blessed with fantastic scenery like nowhere else in the world.

Møre og Romsdal
The official guide to Møre og Romsdal. This county is the northernmost part of Western Norway and it has many populated islands and is intersected by several deep fjords.

Sogn og Fjordane
The official county website for Sogn og Fjordane. An area of Norway which is split by three large fjords, Nordfjord, Sunnfjord and Sognefjord. Nearly all the villages and towns in this county are situated on one of these fjords and the name of the county is based on the fjords. The official sites for the three districts of Sogn og Fjordane are, Sunnfjord and

The guide to Hordaland. The fjords give Hordaland its character. Whether you choose to begin furthest in, coming from eastern Norway, where Norway’s highest mountain plain, the Hardanger Plain, dives steeply down towards the fjord, or at the outermost point, furthest west at the ocean’s edge, the fjords mark the scenery.

The official guide to Rogaland. The county contains most of what Norway has to offer in terms of nature: mountains with snow and ice that never melt, untamed fjords, fertile pastures and bare shorelines.

Eastern Norway (Østlandet)

Eastern Norway is known for tall and wild mountains in Jotunheimen National Park and urban life in the capital of Oslo.

The official website for Telemark. Telemark County is often described as ‘Norway in miniature’ with its glittering archipelagos and magnificent mountain plateaus. Telemark stretches from the Skagerrak coastline and further inland to the mountain plateaus of Hardangervidda – through wide open farming villages, narrow valleys, steep mountain sides, and countless lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

Buskerud County stretches from the western part of the Oslo fjord to the central mountain plateaus. The county offers coastlines, city centers, valleys, forests and mountains. Buskerud can be described as the county stretching from the fjords to mountains.

Hedmark County is situated in the southeast part of Norway, bordering Sweden. The nature varies from beautiful snow-covered mountains in the north, to green forests and wilderness in the east, and productive farmland in the south.  

Oppland is, together with Hedmark, one of the only two landlocked counties of Norway. The landscape of the region is varied. Vast parts are flat and surrounded by beautiful lakes. Rich soil and easy access to water make these areas ideal for farming. The northernmost parts are mountainous and popular for hiking and skiing.

Most things can be found in Akershus: traditional agriculture and modern industry, four-lane motorways and graveled pathways, research centers alongside important, historical memorials. There are idyllic coastlines and deep forests, modern shopping centers and small corner shops. This gives a variety of rich traditions, which help Akershus to maintain a central role in Norwegian history and society. 

Vestfold is located west of the Oslofjord, as the name indicates. It includes many smaller, but well-known towns in Norway, such as Larvik, Sandefjord, Tønsberg and Horten. The river Numedalslågen runs through the district. Many islands are located at the coast. Vestfold is mostly dominated by lowland and is among the best agricultural areas of Norway. Winters last about three months, while pleasant summer temperatures last from May to September.

One of Norway’s smallest counties. The region can for example tempt you with the Oslofjord, Fredrikstad Fortress and the Glomma River. With charming villages, great fishing lakes and bright yellow fields. An ancient landscape where you will be unable to resist the call of history and beautiful nature. Here nature is meant to be explored, where everyone can find their own acre of serene landscape while walking in the great woods.

Southern Norway (Sørlandet or Agder)

Sørlandet - The official guide to Southern Norway.

The official county website. Vest-agder is the southernmost county in Norway, extending inland from the North Sea and its arm, the Skagerrak, to the southern fringes of Setesdalen, surrounded by the mountain range Setesdalsheiene. It includes the southernmost point of the entire country, Pysen island south of Mandal, and the southernmost part of continental Norway, Lindesnes.

The official county website. Vest-agder is the southernmost county in Norway, extending inland from the North Sea and its arm, the Skagerrak, to the southern fringes of Setesdalen, surrounded by the mountain range Setesdalsheiene. It includes the southernmost point of the entire country, Pysen island south of Mandal, and the southernmost part of continental Norway, Lindesnes.


Tourist and Travel Information

Bergen Travel Guide
Maintained by the city of Bergen, this is a pretty good start to a lot of good tourist information about the city.

Kristiansun & Nordmøre
Information regarding the region of Kristiansund & Nordmøre in central Norway.

Information regarding the region of Sognefjord in central Norway.

Eide Sognelag
A site about Eide Parish, in Aust Agder, maintained by the local history association

The largest agricultural district in Vest-Agder county

A lot of up-to-date information about the region Hadeland!

Krageberg Tourist Farm
Horseback riding and accommodations in the Lillehammer area, along the shores of Mjøsa Lake

A lot of good tourist information on the Lillehammer area.
A ton of information about Stavanger, in English

The official site for the city of Trondheim

Arctic Circle Norway

Airline and flight information

Bed and Breakfasts of Norway
Norwegian hospitality through Bed and Breakfast. A way to experience Norway closer to its heart.

Bergen-World Heritage City
The official site of Bergen, the old city with a young outlook.

Currency Converter by Xenon Labs
The Universal Currency Converter

Discover Norway
A guide to hotels, motels, camping, cities, traveling and sightseeing.

Fjord Norway
Experience the temptation to explore.

The Flam Railway

Friends Overseas
Friends Overseas is a meet-the-people activity for Americans visiting the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Go Norway
This site gives you a complete update of what Norway has to offer using 360 degrees panorama pictures.

Hordaland County
The official site for Hordaland County, Norway.

Lofoten Islands

National Road Database
Free internet tool made for planning your travel routes while in Norway.

Norway - Tourist Information
Published by the Norwegian Tourist Board

Norwegian Coastal Voyage
With 34 ports of call the Norwegian Coastal Voyage is still a lifeline along the west coast of Norway, showcasing the dazzling scenery of fjords every day, year-round.

Norwegian Hostels
Hostelling helps reducing your holiday budget. Instead you can spend your money on interesting things to do and see when you are awake.

Norwegian Railway information

The Oslo Airport
The official Oslo Airport site. Good information on arrivals/departures, ground transport and weather conditions.

Rail Europe

Route Info Norway

Stavanger Maps
Free City, District & Regional Maps for the City of Stavanger in the language of your choice. All the Maps are PDF format and are ideal for printing!

Tourist information for Norway
Complete with a map, this is published by Uninett, a Norwegian academic and research data network.

Tools and information for the traveler. There's also a large section on language for the traveler, in a ton of languages, and it includes listening to the pronunciation.

Visit Norway

Visit Oslo
All you need to know about visiting Olso

Visit Trondheim
Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway with its 150.000
inhabitants, and holds a special place in the country's history and culture.


Gammelost Venner
For those of you dying to know more about Gammelost!
Hundreds of new and traditional Norwegian recipes!

The Norwegian Table
An attempt to capture many sides of the Norwegian diet from traditional to modern. (Also includes a link to The Daily Norwegian -- an English daily newspaper.)

The Vikings

The Jorvik Viking Centre
The Viking Museum in York, England

The North Bay Vikings
A page by a whale boat racing crew in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Viking Age Club
An organization of people interested in the history of the Viking Age, as well as reenactment.

The Viking Network Web
An evolving educational resource about the Vikings


The American-Scandinavian Foundation
Grants will be offered to outstanding American and Scandinavian scholars, professionals, and artists.

The International Summer School
at the University of Oslo

University of Colorado Scandinavian Program


The Less Commonly Taught Language Project
A project to link teachers of less commonly taught languages across the country

The Norwegian Universities Documentation Project
A project to establish the Norwegian Universities Dabases for Language and Culture

The Norwegian Language Village at Concordia Language Villages in Bemidji, Minnesota

St. Olaf College Norwegian Department
in Northfield, Minnesota


Hardanger Fiddle Association of America
A non-profit organization preserving and promoting the folk tradition of Norwegian music and dance.

Norsk Musikkinformasjon
The Norwegian Music Information Centre in Oslo (Don't worry - there's a section in English)

The Edvard Grieg Museum in Bergen


Medieval Scandinavia
A site about Scandinavian history, genealogy and archaeology, but in particular about Norway.

Norwegian Historical Radio Society
The Norwegian Historical Radio Society is a non-profit organisation for persons with interest in antique radio and history.

The Spirit of The Vikings
The National Library's database of Norwegian radio broadcasts from the United States during the war years, 1941-47

Turning Points
The link above will take you to 46 articles by and about Norwegian immigrants published between 1893 and 1939. These include short biographies, reminiscences, interviews, memoirs, and obituaries

Miscellaneous Interesting Sites

American Coordinating Council of Norway
Since 1986, the American Coordinating Council of Norway (ACCN) have rounded up most of the Americans living in Oslo and a few thousand of their friends to celebrate America's Independence Day in Frogner Park, one of Oslo's most famous landmarks.

Christmas in Norway
A good resource for information on Norwegian Christmas traditions

Nordic Initiative
Nordic Initiative serves to enhance existing exchange programs to national prominence as well as to generate, initiate and 'jump start' visionary and innovative ideas that can be converted to practical application for mutual gain.

Nordic Libraries: Info Servers
Lund University Electronic Library

The Nordic Pages
All kinds of links on various Scandinavian subjects.
Created and maintained by Gus Stangeland, there's a wealth of stuff here, including live pictures from various parts of Norway and an audio rendition of some Norwegian music, including "Ja, vi elsker."

Norwegian American Foundation
The Norwegian American Foundation's web site has searchable database of almost 900 Norwegian-American organizations, and a searchable calendar of events.

The Norwegian American Homepage
A lot of stuff having to do with American Norwegian organizations.

Norwegian Football (Soccer) Updates
News, results, leagues, etc.

Project Runeberg
Publishing free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art

Scandinavian American Heritage Society
The Scandinavian American Heritage Society is a non-profit organization founded in the late 1970's by Scandinavian Americans representing all five Nordic countries.

Ski for Light
Ski for Light teaches blind and mobility-impaired adults how to cross-country ski, while exposing them to the Norwegian heritage of the

Tubfrim, a Norwegian program that collects and sells cancelled postage stamps to raise funds to aid individuals who are handicapped, joined forces with the Sons of Norway in 1986. Since then, Sons of Norway members have donated tens of millions of stamps to Tubfrim.

Begun by Sons of Norway in 1985, this has become the largest youth soccer tournament in the Americas.